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About Black Tea

Black Tea (hong cha):

Black or red teas have a dizzying range of flavors despite all being fully oxidized (the characteristic that defines the type). Plucked from two varieties of the Camellia Sinensis plant (sinensis & assamica), they are processed using an array of techniques like withering, bruising, rolling, and twisting; then also dried using a variety of different methods. The various methods of processing work in conjunction with terroir, altitude, and cultivar to create the vast differences in flavor.

Black tea is also commonly called red tea in China because of the reddish-copper colored liquor produced during infusion. Black tea flavors range from bold and smoky to nutty and sweet, and when we’re lucky it can even taste like chocolate.

Black tea first appeared after China began exporting tea across the world as the Chinese found that a mild fermentation process allowed the tea to stay fresh for longer. Before the 17th century, all Chinese tea was green.

Phytochemicals in Black tea have been shown to stimulate the circulatory system, strengthen blood vessels and decrease the cholesterol level in the bloodstream. Black tea also contains caffeine. Woohoo!

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