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About Our Teabags

Mass produced tea is referred to in the industry as CTC or ‘crush-tear-curl’ and is often produced from lower leaves and stems of the tea plant rather than the new growth. Including lower leaves and stems allows for greater yields and faster production, but the tea is a lower grade and quality. Teabag tea can also be produced from the broken pieces of orthodox teas. When processing, the finished leaves are brittle and often break. Large strainers or sieves are used to separate the whole leaves from the broken pieces and each product gets used for different applications. Teabags can consist of broken tea, fannings, and/or dust.

Our teabags, or ‘pyramids’ contain the same high quality loose leaf tea and blends that we sell as whole leaf orthodox tea. The teas are blended in our warehouse in Watertown and sent to a facility that packages them into pyramids. The pyramids are roomy enough to allow the tea to unfurl and steep properly. Our tea pyramids are made from soy and therefore are biodegradable.

Our tea bags are composed of Soilon which is a Polylactic acid (PLA)-based material that is biodegradable, and the seams are heat-sealed rather than sealed with plastic in order to maintain the integrity and safety of their makeup. The tea bag tags incorporate the same material as the tea bags (polylactic acid) in the laminate on the tags and the string. As the tags are made of paper as well, they, along with the tea bag and string, are compostable and biodegradable.