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Beautiful Darjeeling tea steeping in a glass teapot on a bamboo tea tray, bathed in light.


No better time than now to stock up on prized and delicious Darjeeling teas. They’re all on sale* to celebrate the arrival of our brand new Gopaldhara 1st Flush, a unique and complex infusion with a golden liquor that will grab your palate’s attention immediately. If you’re local, stop…

Legendary Da Hong Pao tea steeping in a beautiful red gaiwan.


Even during these hot days, we're guzzling cup after cup of this fruity, floral, and complex Da Hong Pao. It's way too tasty to avoid sipping this hot tea during a heatwave. Do you still drink hot tea during the summer months or do you migrate over to iced tea?

Fresh iced tea being held in front of a spread of delicious baked goods.


We love bopping around town and stopping at our wholesale customers to sample all their delicious treats! Want to see where you can drink or buy our products? Check out our Where to Buy/Drink page

Da Hong Pao oolong steeps in a beautiful red gaiwan.


Dark to light, floral to fruity, roasty to refreshing, oolongs exemplify the full breadth of flavors that teas can offer. We’re offering 15% off of our favorite Oolong Teas right now!* If you’re local, stop by our shop today (Thursday, May 16th) from 1-2PM and taste...

Silver Beauty white tea steeps in a big glass gaiwan - a sale badge sits in the bottom left corner of the image


White Teas are just what we’re looking for when the sunny days are beginning to warm up our part of the world. We’re offering 15% off select White Teas right now!* They make great iced tea too! If you’re local, stop by our shop today (Thursday, April 18th) from...

A sharing pitcher of sunkissed Moonlight White tea sits in fron of a clay teapot.


There's something about sunlight that gives tea the ethereal touch that it deserves and today is such a perfect day to let the sun play with your infusion. We're enjoying our fresh crate of fruity and floral Moonlight White while basking in the warm, spring air....

A bamboo scoop holds Genmai Cha blended green tea. A 15% off sale badge rests over the image.


We’re offering 15% off select Blended Green Teas right now!* Try them, they’re delicious! If you’re local, stop by our shop today (Thursday, March 21st) from 1-2PM and taste these select Blended Green Teas before you commit to buying! ...

Delicious and refreshing iced being held by Ian by the Charles River


It’s such a beautiful day we HAD to stop for some treats (obviously). Scored big with this extremely refreshing Iced Russian Caravan from Quebrada Bakery (@quebradabakingco) - Apricot Croissant in the bag. #drooling • Wanna see where else yo...

A beautiful peony-print, blue tea storage tin sits amongst teapots and tea accessories.


You’re going to love scooping your favorite teas out of these lovely peony-print tea tins. Vessels worthy of the delicate, show-stopping leaves you treasure most. Each light-proof tin has an internal lid that keeps your most beloved teas safe fro....