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Assam GBOP

Assam GBOP


Tasting Notes:
malt • rye• dried plum

Typically harvested later in the year, our highest grade GBOP is hearty and full-bodied which is typical of this style. An abundance of golden tips combined with careful processing maintained a distinct deep fruit note accented by crisp winter rye. While certainly delicious on its own, this tea was made for additions. Milk, sugar, and spices all enhance this tea in their own unique ways. Whether you enjoy it as a morning breakfast option or use it to make your own chai blend, this tea is sure to please.

Infusion: For an 8 oz serving, steep 1 level teaspoon of leaf in 205°F water for 4 minutes.

Ingredients: Camellia sinensis leaves.

Origin: Assam, India

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