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Splendid Single-Origins Collection

Splendid Single-Origins Collection

A spread of 4 premium, high-end teas sourced from all over the world for their quality and flavors. Yum!

.5 ounce of Yunnan Golden Buds: This striking Chinese black tea is produced solely from the plump downy new buds of the tea plant. The result is sweet and creamy, with a soft silken tawny liquor laden with flavors of puffed wheat, vanilla, and butterscotch.

1 ounce of Golden Buds Milk Oolong: Jin Xuan - Sourced from Taiwan, and produced from the famous Jin Xuan cultivar, this oolong is naturally sweet and rich, with flavors and scents that are reminiscent of melon and toasted nuts - most notable though, is its luxuriously creamy mouthfeel, which is where it gets its name.

1 ounce of Dragonwell: Long Jing - This famed Chinese green tea boasts a brothy vegetal liquor of steamed swiss chard and bamboo shoots, with a pleasant lingering nutty finish reminiscent of roasted Brazil nuts.

.5 ounce of
Silver Beauty - This white tea from Fujian, China is bright and fruity. Composed mostly of baby down covered buds, this tea rivals Silver Needles with a sweet, fruity liquor, full mouthfeel, and herbaceous aromas of fresh spring clover fields.

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