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Green Tea Sampler

Green Tea Sampler

As four of our most popular green teas, these have a reputation to uphold, and as far as greens go, these say go on green!

1 ounce of China Green Jade: Mao Jian - This classic premium green from the mountains of Henan is comprised of long, thin, emerald leaves that upon steeping create an infusion that is refreshing, vegetal, and nutty. It's easy to see why Mao Jian is called the 'King of Green Tea.'

1 ounce of Golden Green - Fruity, flowery, and herbaceous, this signature blend has it all and more - it's a complex, well rounded, and a wildly flavorful beverage. It also makes a refreshing iced tea than can be enjoyed year round.

1 ounce of Moroccan Mint - A blend of Chinese Gunpowder green tea and specially sourced mint leaves that boasts a strong mint flavor which accompanies notes of spinach and oregano for a well-rounded but balanced and refreshing brew.

1.25 ounces of Jasmine Pearls - A super premium green tea which is arduously scented with blossoming jasmine flowers over the course of several nights then hand rolled into pearls, yielding a superb green tea with an undeniable jasmine flavor that is sweet and floral, with notes of honey.

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