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Founder's Foundation Collection

Founder's Foundation Collection

A spread of 4 classic best selling teas that blossomed with our founder's original line up. These are the staples of many a tea cupboard.

1 ounce of Blue Flower Earl Grey - This Sri Lankan tea blend flavored with bergamot oil and garnished with beautiful and edible blue cornflower petals, produces a soft, sweet, and flowery cup with lingering notes of citrus. It’s a modern take on an English classic, which makes for a great morning cup.

1.75 ounces of Masala Chai - Our version of the famous spiced black Assam tea served throughout India has a hearty base that holds up well against the addition of our carefully sourced, blended spices. It's an incredibly well-balanced cup of tea that was made for milk and sugar.

1.25 ounce of Jasmine Pearls - A super premium green tea which is arduously scented with blossoming jasmine flowers over the course of several nights then hand rolled into pearls, yielding a superb green tea with an undeniable jasmine flavor that is sweet and floral, with notes of honey.

1.5 ounces of Blood Orange Hibiscus - A signature MEM blend, this robust tisane is sweet and refreshing, with a glowing garnet luster, and tropical fruit juice flavors. This caffeine free infusion is the perfect choice for making iced tea, but is just as enjoyable served hot.

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