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Herbal Tisane Sampler

Herbal Tisane Sampler

Herbal infusions or tisanes, are an excellent way to stay hydrated without dealing with boring old water, not to mention herbals have the most diverse spread of flavors in the beverage world.

1.5 ounces of Blood Orange Hibiscus - A signature MEM blend, this robust tisane is sweet and refreshing, with a glowing garnet luster, and tropical fruit juice flavors. This caffeine free infusion is the perfect choice for making iced tea, but is just as enjoyable served hot.

0.75 ounces of Ginger Lemon - A signature MEM blend with sweet notes of linden that accompany pungent ginger and lemon flavors, making this one of our more potent tisanes. It is a perfect choice if you’re feeling under the weather, or just need a caffeine free pick me up.

1.5 ounces of Apple Berry - This herbal chamomile blend is made more complex with deep elderberry fruitiness, accented with flower and spice.

1 ounce of Cederberg Cinnamon - This sweet and spicy herbal blend spans the globe with rich Rooibos from Cederberg, South Africa, to Vietnam, where the strongest cinnamon can be found. The flavors are balanced and rounded out with the addition of cloves and a hint of vanilla for the perfect afternoon cozy cup. Great with milk or without.

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