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Chai Tea Sampler

Chai Tea Sampler

Chai is a rich and hearty tea experience that will rival your favorite cup of joe.  These tea blends vary in flavor and complexity so there's bound to be one to suit your fancy. Add warm milk and sugar for a signature tea latte treat.

1.5 ounces of Chai Cascarilla - A sweeter, creamier version of a classic Indian chai, this blend of roasted cacao bean husks and an exotic mix of carefully sourced spices creates an infusion with an extremely pleasing texture with ripe sugarplum and cherry overtones.

1.75 ounces of Spicy Chai - The high ratio of spices in this tea create a MEM blend that is very flavorful and complex - sweet and peppery flavors harmonize to create a robust infusion that heightens the heat and spice. Add milk and sugar for an even better experience.

1.25 ounces of Herbal Chai - With rooibos as its base, this herbal caffeine free chai is a delicious medley of herbs and spices that mimics our more popular signature chai blends, designed to have authentic Indian chai-wallah flavors.

1.75 ounces of Masala Chai - Our version of the famous spiced black Assam tea served throughout India has a hearty base that holds up well against the addition of our carefully sourced, blended spices. It's an incredibly well-balanced cup of tea that was made for milk and sugar.

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