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Black Tea Sampler

Black Tea Sampler

Ah, classic black tea! Not your grandmother’s black tea though, we’re talking high quality loose leaf, these teas would blow your grandma’s mind.

1 ounce of Blue Flower Earl Grey - This Sri Lankan tea blend flavored with bergamot oil and garnished with beautiful and edible blue cornflower petals, produces a bold, sweet, and flowery cup with heavy notes of citrus. It’s a classic English brew with an added flourish which is great for a morning cup.

1.25 ounces of Assam - This single origin Assam tea is hearty and malty with a creamy citrus finish. The assertive nature of this tea rivals the boldest of Irish Breakfast blends. The flavors can be heightened with the addition of milk and sugar.

1 ounce of Darjeeling 2nd Flush - This Darjeeling is produced from the 2nd picking, or harvest of the China Bush varietal. High elevation and cool temperatures give these teas complexity of flavor and aromatics. The lightly oxidized leaves yield deep notes of walnut skin and sweet tobacco with a fragrant candied violet finish.

1 ounce of Russian Caravan - A reproduction of 18th century style Russian Caravan, whose flavor was defined by a 6,000 mile trans-Russia caravan journey, where tea sacks would pick up flavors of campfire before heading to Europe. Ours creates a not-too-smoky, sweet, and wine-like infusion.

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